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July, 2003

An interview by the late, great John Peel with Dave Houston and myself. It was a fine morning in Cardiff for me but I think it was the middle of the night for Dave!!

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An interview I did for the The Star newspaper in Dunedin, New Zealand. I was at the Yellow Eyed Penguin Trust in Dunedin where I had agreed to make a penguin for them. We called him Herbie (can't remember why) but, alas, I haven't heard from him since. Can't believe how little grey hair I had!!

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Live TV interview I gave in Dunedin. I literally arrived at the studio 2 minutes before I was due to go on. The good thing was I had no time to get nervous!

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An interview I did for the Bristol Evening Post back in 2000

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Gerard Peet, who has Penne, wrote a book all about penguins and, yes, I'm in it. Dunno what it says though 'cos it's all in Dutch!! ISBN 90-808195-1-4

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